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Ultraviolet Air Purifiers Kill Viruses

A main cause of influenza is through inhalation of virus particles that are spread by sick people coughing and sneezing. An infected family member, visitor or co-worker can shed flu virus for two days before showing any symptoms.

During a pandemic flu one of the few ways to reduce the risk of spread to yourself or others is to trap the virus particles with a specialized air purifier that is equipped with an ultraviolet light. As the virus is drawn into the purifier the ultraviolet light kills it.

Ordinary air filters will not do this, the Ionic Breeze® will not do this, a hepa filter will not do this. With an ordinary purifier the virus can enter the filter, linger for days, pass thru the filter, multiply, become stronger and deadlier, and move back into the room to infect others. Whatever does not kill it only makes it stronger.

Biozone offers some of the most versatile and effective protection available

Biozone's™ PureWave process removes contaminants from the air and surfaces by combining two very powerful purifying technologies - photoplasma and photochemistry. Photochemistry is the chemical reaction or change in material caused by exposure to light energy. The process typically requires the use of photons in the ultraviolet spectral range.

Ultraviolet light in this range is useful for disinfection purposes.

It destroys contaminating organic compounds. Most indoor contaminants are organic, including bacteria, viruses, dust mites and fungi. Photochemistry can break down these harmful organic molecules. You will find Biozone products in hospitals, clinics, doctor offices, hotels, restaurants, taxicabs, limos, trucks, boats, on farms, in factories, and even in agencies of the Federal Government.

The Biozone air purifier comes in models for all sized rooms: small, medium, large, even large industrial, commercial and office models are available. They even make air duct purifiers for home and office central A/C systems.

While this is highly recommended for home use, it is absolutely essential in an office environment where many people work and breathe the same recirculated air.

In most modern buildings and high-rises the windows do not open. This means the A/C and heating system recirculates the same contaminated air throughout the building while only periodically introducing a small percentage of fresh air from the outside.

In an office environment it is suggested that one be placed in any common or shared area or room. This includes reception areas, waiting rooms, conference room, lunch rooms, bathrooms, break rooms, locker rooms, factory floors, shared offices or work areas etc.

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