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Protective Masks are a Necessity During a Pandemic

Whether you are an individual, family or business, unless you have a supply of disposable protective face masks when pandemic bird flu or swine flu strikes, you will be in trouble.

Those who wait until the pandemic starts will be out of luck. As you can imagine, they will be virtually impossible to get. Priority will be given to health care professionals and first responders.
They will be much more expensive if you can get them at all.

Pandemics come in several waves and can last up to eight weeks each. You must have enough to last at least two months. To be prepared you must not delay.

Some masks have an exhalation valve in the center. These tend to be better if you need to wear it for a longer time period, such as several hours at a time or a full day work shift.

In addition to Masks, an ample supply of hand sanitizer gel or wipes,
such as Purell, is also a necessity.

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