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When the pandemic Hits, Many will be caught off guard
with Insufficient life or Health insurance

Why leave your loved ones to suffer a devastating double blow?
For very little each month you may be able to protect them with a short-term life insurance policy?

As a rule of thumb the average person with dependants needs at least ten times their annual income in insurance. They may even need much more depending on various expenses such as mortgages, debts and future obligations including college expenses for children. In the case of a working couple with dependants, both need to be insured.

If you are fairly healthy, you might be surprised to learn how little money each month it costs to buy a large amount of term insurance. The shorter the term, the less it costs. A five or ten-year term policy should get you beyond the current pandemic threat. Then you can re-evaluate if you still need it. (Don't be too quick to drop it, as pandemics come in several waves and the threat can last for several years).

If you wait until after the pandemic begins, it will be too late.

If you can still buy it at all, the rates will be jacked way up.

The same goes for Health Insurance

A lack of Health Insurance can be financially ruinous.
It is the leading cause of personal bankruptcy. When people are admitted to a hospital, who would you guess is likely to be treated better? Those with health insurance or those without?

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